Abacus is an Ancient 3000 Years Old Calculation System, Adapted as a Whole Brain Development Tool in the modern Era, Which Accelerates Your Child’s Learning, Mathematical Abilities and Overall Academic Performance


We provide unique and essential skill development programme for children and focuses on improving essential learning skills that are needed for the 21st Century kids. We are known for our unparallel high quality services and loved for the attention we offer to our children. Our programs designed for children of the age group 5 to 15 years.

We Provide unique after school certification programs in Abacus and Brain Gym, English Language Programs, Handwriting Improvement, Calligraphy, and personality development building confidence in an Individual.

Abacus and brain gym is widely recognized for ‘Complete Brain Development program’ which activates both Left and Right Hemispheres of a child’s brain. Our Abacus classes are not only about Mental Math or improving Mental Arithmetic Calculation, but also helps to excel in all the subjects. The Core Skills like Visual Memory, Concentration, Creativity and Problem Solving, that instill greater confidence & success in overall academics and in life.

Interactive Classes with Expert Teachers

At Excellence, we provide Online Classes for creative and curios kids on amazing tested and proven online program like Abacus, English Language, Handwriting Improvement and Calligraphy.

  • Learn directly from the masters in education. Our teachers are well-trained and are delivering classes for more than a decade.
  • A personalised approach of training, where a student will be getting 1-1 more effective and engaging training sessions with an experienced trainer.
  • Small batch sizes for individual attention, Level wise structured program, having online assessment and certification after each level.



SIP Abacus is a unique and essential skill development programme for children of the age group 5 to 12 years which focuses on improving essential learning skills.


Our English Language Program is a levelled program which is delivered basis the learning and competency level of individuals


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Consistent improvement in mathematics:
We are proud of our son Aaditya who is currently in Advance level of Abacus & Brain Gym programme. With the structured method of teaching and encouragement given by SIP team, he is very confident in solving mathematical problems. The content and structure of the programme have helped in his overall mental development and improved efficiency in other subjects too. We wish SIP Academy to continue the same in future

Kiran Kashyap Dehradun

SIP Academy fulfills brand promise of “5 times better”;
We are the proud parents of Aayush Belwal who is currently in Advance level 3 in Abacus conducted by SIP Academy Indira Nagar. We want to compliment SIP Academy for fulfilling their commitment of “5 Times Better” performance at the end of 4th level compared to the start of the programme. I agree to their brand promise after seeing the overall academic performance and increased confidence of Aayush. A special thanks to Mrs Gurpreet Kaur for their continuous support and encouragement to all the kids of Indra Nagar Center, Dehradun

Kiran Belwal Dehradun

Calculates confidently;
Before joining SIP Indira Nagar, my daughter Divena was afraid of calculations. Her Abacus skills have helped her to improve her speed and she is now very confident in her calculations. I will gladly recommend this program to all my friends and family and help them in developing the overall personality of their children. I wish SIP Academy continues to shine in future through their endless efforts .

Milan Rawat Dehradun

It has been a very good experience with Excellence’s English Language Program. Not only it has improved my child’s verbal and written communication skills but also gave confidence to my child to speak in public. Thank you Excellence Creator Academy.

Sunil Dehradun