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Program Overview

Unique and essential skill development programme for children of the age group 5 to 12 years which focuses on improving essential learning skills

Program Overview

With the best Abacus Classes in Dehradun, Make Math your Child’s strong point. SIP Abacus is not just Maths, but much more..

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Abacus is a unique and essential skill development program for children of the age group 6 to 12 years that focuses on improving essential learning skills.

The Excellence Abacus program uses three tools to impact your child, and significantly improve them. They are

  • Abacus
  • Brain Gym
  • Speed Writing

This helps your child to enjoy numbers. Abacus foster skills such as concentration, visual memory, listening, and self-confidence in your child. The program incorporates learning through a lot of fun activities, games, and puzzles.

Your child surprisingly will begin to enjoy numbers during the course as they have no fear of math. Additionally, Brain Gym Exercises help the children to relax and energize the brain to do new tasks. Your child will improve their ability to learn, do their school-work faster and hence have more free time to pursue their passion.

Features and Benefits of Abacus Classes

Abacus Math Training

Make Math your Child’s strong point. SIP Abacus is not just Maths, but much more…


Unique Features

Our Abacus programme has a unique Brand Promise guarantee to make the children 5 times better, which is world’s first offer in Abacus industry


Abacus is not just Maths… but much more… Regular practice of abacus, brain gym, and speed writing helps children.

Abacus Learning is not only for Arithmetical Calculation, it also help’s the child to develop ConcentrationListening, and Comprehension skills. Its essential and complete brain development program.

Abacus classes helps kids to overcome the fears of mathematics and learn how to do fast calculations like addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.

Regular practice of Abacus, brain gym helps to develop these skills. Here are some key benefits of abacus classes.

  • Improve in academics – through Improved Concentration, Improved Listening, Better Retention & Recall, visual memory, Enhanced Logical reasoning, Improved Numerical ability, Better Speed & Accuracy, Higher Self Confidence of computing skill
  • Enjoy the fun of learning and reduce stress
  • Grasp faster and are more attentive
  • Improve their numerical ability
  • Learn to compete and win

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In this workshop, your child will learn to use abacus and do some basic calculations. To give your child a chance to fall in love with maths, call us now! Limited seats available

About Us

Excellence Creator Academy was established in Nov 2017 with Abacus Programme as a Franchisee partner with SIP Academy India.